Digital product design from strategy to launch and beyond.

Codename Design is an award-winning digital product design studio that partners with clients on an ongoing basis to deliver strategy, UX, UI and visual design. We do everything you‘d expect from a nimble design agency, and even some things you might not.

Codename Design entered into our project midstream, but through their strategic vision and ability to implement clear and focused design, to the pixel, analyzing and understanding a project at multiple levels, steered us to a product well beyond our expectations. They have become invaluable members of our project team.
Darren Miligan
Project Director, Smithsonian Lab
Codename’s solid technical expertise, work ethic, quality product delivery, and open communication style made them a pleasure to work with. Their thoroughness, leadership and creativity brought the complex themes of the Guide in a way that feels approachable and interesting.
Allison Martin
Rights and Equity Advisor, The Nature Conservancy
Collaborating with Codename was a great experience! Their ability to quickly understand the nuances of our project and transform them into an outstanding design solution left us thoroughly impressed.
Brandon Olszewski
Director of Research, ISTE

Who we’ve worked with

Over the past 15 years we’ve worked with fortune 500 companies, leading nonprofits and category-busting startups to solve complex design challenges. We’ve worked with clients, big and small, on apps and websites for education, healthcare, finance, emerging technologies and more.

Recent Projects

Design when you need it

We work with teams over the long term as a design partner from early stage conception of projects, through to launch and beyond. Our goal is to provide you with the quality and speed you expect from an experienced team and the flexibility to scale as your project evolves.

You get an ongoing relationship with a team that has the capacity to understand even the most complex projects, the creativity to bring them to life, and the experience to get the details right.

Plugging us in means we can tackle your challenge right away. You can skip the recruiting time, costs, and placement fees of hiring in-house, and know that you have a team with a proven history of delivering high quality work.

Depending on your needs we’ll integrate with your team or work as a parallel stand-alone unit. You’ll have access to all of the services: design strategy, UI/UX design, visual design and product management, all from senior team members.

As a start we’ll estimate the support you need based on the velocity and complexity of your project, then as the project evolves you can scale up or down instantly.
And yes, even traditional fixed-fee projects fit into our model.

If this sounds good, let’s have a quick call to see if we’re a good fit—no risk, no commitment.

How it works

Cup of Coffee

Meet for 30 minutes, tell us about your project or challenge and together we’ll assess if we’re a good fit and how we can best help.

Ramp Up

Get started right away with a focus on you, your mission and your goals so we set the project up for success.

Ongoing Design

All the design services you need to accelerate your product, meet your challenges and hit your milestones.

Who It’s For

Every project is unique, and what you need from a design team changes, sometimes quickly. We’ve got the experience to work in fast-paced, complex environments and adapt as you need. Here are some things we can help with:

Build Design Capacity

Whether you’re a startup or a big team you can plug in an experienced product and design team fast, without recruiting, hiring or overhead.

Move Faster

If you’re an established team and you want to run a parallel process to test ideas without affecting your core product and engineering team we can move fast, and validate ideas quickly.

Reduce Risk

Bring us in to build prototypes, conduct interviews and research, validate big ideas and initiatives so you can refine and learn before investing fully in innovative projects.

Tame Complex Ideas

Clarify complex ideas and get from brilliant (but vague) notions to compelling stories that explore ground-breaking possibilities and get alignment around complex visions and concepts.

Design and Launch an MVP

Whether you’re a startup or a big team. You can plug in an experienced product and design team fast, without recruiting, hiring or overhead.

Redesign and App or Feature

Redesign a complete website or app or refine a specific feature that’s not performing by running audits and interviews then set performance goals and meet your targets quickly.

Optimise a Process

Run experiments, conduct user interviews and iterate quickly to optimise specific flows and funnels like onboarding, sign ups, donations, and purchases.

Convert an analog process

If you’re managing a process with spreadsheets and emails it might make sense to build a custom workflow or product to improve your team’s performance.


We’re small but mighty. We do everything you’d expect, and maybe some things you might not.


Concept Development
Product Validation
Product Audits
UX Research
Product Planning
Product Experiments
Funnel Optimization
Learning Experience Design


UX Design
Web Design
Visual Design
Static Prototyping
Identity Design
User Flow Design
User Testing
Style Guides


WordPress Development
Coded Prototyping
Design Management
Product Management
Asset Creation
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