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The Brief

Teach Like a Champion is a non-profit that provides educators with a set of techniques, a shared vocabulary, and a framework for practice that equip teachers to achieve dramatic results with their students. TLAC Online provides a flexible, accessible and proven way to access and learn their teaching techniques. Codename was engaged to review the existing website and improve the learning experience for both desktop and mobile and create a manager dashboard to allow for better onboarding, and better visibility into the learner progress.

The Challenge

The goal for the project was to increase the online adoption of the existing web experience. TLAC Online is the digital presence that grew out of an in-person experience based on a highly effective and proven methodology. From a learning experience design perspective that means we could concern ourselves with increasing adoption by better communicating the value of the content and also focus on optimizing the presentation of well-developed material.

This included improving the home page, the sign up path and the onboarding experience for teachers, coaches and administrators. The relatively small budget meant that we focused on keeping the design simple and clear while working closely with the client to help define the highest priority items.

Collaborating with Codename was a terrific experience! From our first meeting, they sought to understand not just our product but who we are as an organization and what we value. Throughout the process, they were helpful and responsive. The redesign was an extraordinary improvement over our initial site and we continue to see steady growth. Thank you Codename for your outstanding work!

Dan Cotton
Senior Director of Strategy and Partnerships
Teach Like a Champion

Homepage improvements

One of the first tasks was to improve the top of the funnel and improve the homepage on a number of levels. We audited the existing homepage and refined the design and messaging to adopt landing page best practices, including addressing a wider audience directly, adding a free example and improving the overall page flow.

Learning Experience Design

Because we started from a proven curriculum and content we were free to focus on simply improving the lesson page layouts. By reworking the hierarchy of the text with some simple font changes, shortening line-lengths for optimal reading and re-arranging content for responsive layouts we achieved a cleaner look with a better capacity for user scanning.

We also took advantage of chunking to create clearly defined sections in the experience, rather than a single long page. This of course helped with the mobile experience, but also it helped with meeting the stated need for more granular assessment of progress. The experience and the analytics go hand in hand to accomplish that goal.

Onboarding Improvements

Because we were concerned not just with acquisition but also with engagement, an improved onboarding experience was key. Even with limited resources a good onboarding experience needs to flow well. This starts with a pre-login engagement that focuses on introducing platform benefits, highlighting key features, and providing sneak peeks. We followed that with a set of emails keyed to the new learners progress; we timed emails to reinforce learning, and encourage participation. Our work included email design, focusing on clear layouts, concise content, and compelling calls to action.

Because of the various user types we designed different onboarding flow for each user type, each including personalised welcome emails and follow-up content.

Dashboard Design

The dashboard was a new feature that allows managers to assign and track coaches, manage cohorts and see learner progress. The design was consistent with our overall approach: simple and clean. We worked closely with the client to identify the key performance indicators and make them easy to see. Through quick iterations we were able to provide just the right amount of information in a simple way, which allowed managers to get the data they needed and also allow them to easily complete essential tasks — like finding a specific user to see progress or trouble-shoot issues.

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